Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for 2016

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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for 2016

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly gift for 2016, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 5 gift ideas for the environmentally friendly woman that you know.

Eco-Friendly Gift #1: Herb Growing Wishes Set


This growing wishes herb set is perfect for the cook in your life who may, or may not have a green thumb. It really is easy to grow herbs inside and they’ll make any sort of meal even more delicious. Try out some fresh herbs today and you’ll be amazed at how good they are compared to the dried ones!

The kit comes with:  organic seeds (dill, oregano, sage, thyme, basil and garlic chives), steel case, garden stakes, a pencil, and instructions. Each herb represents a wish such as peace, health, or harmony.

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Eco-Friendly Gift #2: Recycled Wine Bottle Glass Cups


These recycled cups are all unique and no two sets are the same. They’re made in Florida from recycled wine bottles from restaurants and they make a great conversation piece.¬† It’s an excellent eco-friendly gift for just about anyone.

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Eco-Friendly Gift #3: Organic Soap-Making Kit


This chamomile and lavender shea butter soap-making kit is the perfect eco-friendly gift for 2016. It’s easier than you think to make soap and this kit contains everything you’ll need to get started to make 14, 4-6 oz bars of soap. Chamomile and lavender smell beautiful and shea butter will make a luscious soap that will leave your skin feeling really good.

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Eco-Friendly Gift #4: Moosewood Restaurant Favorites Cookbook


Moosewood is a famous vegetarian restaurant that also has a line of beautiful cookbooks. They make the perfect eco-friendly gift for the person who is looking to eat healthier, natural food that is closer to the source. The recipes are easy to follow and even someone who is not an experienced cook can make delicious food. It’s the book that belongs on every kitchen shelf. And it’s the book that will help the world. Animal products are very hard on our Earth.

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Eco-Friendly Gift #5: Eco-Nirvana Silk Pajama Set


These eco-friendly silk pajamas make a beautiful gift that are sure to make the special lady in your life very happy! They’re made from organic, environmentally sustainable bamboo fibers so they’re a product you can really feel good about using. Plus, they’ll feel good on you too as they’re super soft and comfortable. They’re easy to care for and can be washed and dried by machine.

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