The Most Delicious Hummus You’ll Ever Eat

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The Most Delicious Hummus You’ll Ever Eat


A Secret, Delicious Hummus Recipe

Now, this recipe is one of my most closely guarded secrets. A delicious hummus recipe is one of those things that should be kept close to your heart, you know? But, I’m going to share it with you. Just because I want to spread the vegan eating goodness throughout the world and inspire some awesome in your life.

Eco-friendly eating is all about eating as close to the source as possible and this recipe fits the bill. Nothing processed. No animal products. Just natural and delicious.

This hummus recipe is really, really amazing. I cook up a batch of this whenever I go to a potluck and if the night ends without at least five compliments, well, it’s been a poor showing. The other great thing is that you can use just about any dipper you want. If you want to go healthy, use peppers, carrots, and cucumbers. Less healthy: a baguette, or homemade pita chips. Evil processed style: crackers or tortilla chips.

Here’s that Secret Recipe:

And, without further ado, here it is. Please note the lack of measurements. I never measure anything. I just taste and adjust until it’s deliciously awesome. You’ll have to try your best, and remember, practice makes perfect. It took me at least 50 times until I had truly mastered it.

Chickpeas (dried). Soak overnight. Boil 30 minutes. Let sit for 1 hour. Check and see if soft. If not, repeat boiling and sitting process.

Tahini paste. Buy, or make your own by pan-roasting sesame seeds and then blending with olive oil in the blender until smooth.

Cumin (a lot!)

Salt (a lot!)

Fresh garlic cloves (I like a lot. Others, not so much)

Freshly squeezed lemon juice (a lot!)

Olive oil (a lot!)

That’s it. Blend it all up until smooth and you can add some water if you need, but try to add as little as necessary.

The Key to this Operation

Notice the use of “a lot,” a lot. That’s what makes the hummus so delicious. I put in way more lemon juice, cumin, salt, garlic and olive oil than normal people. It packs some salty, lemony punch that kind of hits you hard on the first bite. But, you’ll keep coming back for more and more and more. It’s that good.

One More Secret


So now that I’ve shared this secret delicious hummus recipe with you, I’m going to let you in another secret. Iherb

It’s the cheapest place to get your dried chickpeas, cumin and tahini paste. I generally go organic because I hate the chemicals. It’s cheaper than the grocery store and shipping is under $5. Use the link below to get a few bucks off your first order:

Get yourself some Iherb awesome.

Ready for some vegan eating fabulous? Go do it!

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