The Green Companies I Trust | Best Eco Friendly Companies

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The Green Companies I Trust | Best Eco Friendly Companies

Green Companies: My Top 5 Picks


I have a confession to make. I’m a coffee lover. Or, should I say? I’m a coffee addict! When I wake up each morning, it’s my coffee mug that I look for. And when I’m out, I look for the nearest coffee shop for my favorite frappe. My enthusiasm for coffee does not make everyone happy. My friends even tell me it’s not a healthy drink. It is not even eco-friendly, too. This made me think twice. Should I still drink coffee?

The moment my friends told me about this, I began to realize one thing. It was a wake-up call for me to become environmentally aware. I thought, coffee was not just one thing I needed to check in my everyday consumption. I should also need to see all the products I use from head to toe! Then, I began to list down 5 of my favorite and most frequently-consumed products:

  1. Coffee
  2. Soda/soft-drinks
  3. Toiletries
  4. Running Shoes
  5. Writing materials

Starbucks Coffee


I have another confession to make. I’m a Starbucks frequenter! When I first realized the need to be environmentally aware, I felt guilty. I thought buying coffee from this company was just splurging for me. So, I went to the company’s website and checked! Wow! My most loved coffee shop makes the list of green companies! I discovered that Starbucks has numerous environmental activities.

But what I love most is its Recycling and Reducing Waste initiative. Here, the company strives to minimize its environmental footprint. It is also committed to meet the customers’ expectations by waste reduction. To make this happen, Starbucks strongly promotes its reusable cups. According to the company website, the reusable cups are a vital component of Starbucks’s overall waste reduction scheme. Here, customers are rewarded with discounts each time they bring their personal tumblers when buying coffee. It feels great that I can contribute to an environmental effort without sacrificing my coffee indulgence!

Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.

Sorry, but I love cola too! This is my second favorite consumer good!  What’s good about Coca-Cola is that it operates not just to sell. It provides jobs to many people in various communities too. This company is seriously committed to sustainability. It has introduced a lot of green initiatives already. But like Starbucks, my favorite is Coke’s green packaging project. In 2015, the company targeted to recover and recycle half of the total number of cans and bottles it launched globally. I was so impressed! Why? Because that same year, it reported recovery of an estimate of 48% of the equivalent cans and bottles delivered to the market. A surprising choice to make the list of green companies? Perhaps, but it’s true.

Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

Since my childhood, I’ve been a Mead Johnson consumer already. No wonder why for more than a century now, families have trusted it for their everyday consumption. Mead Johnson specializes in products for infants and children. I learned that through the years, it has come up with sustainable activities including the GreenVision 2020. This is a long-term project for the reduction of Mead Johnson’s environmental impact in the communities where they fully operate. Through various programs, the firm actively drives constant improvements in the conservation of energy. It works hard for waste reduction and management, recycling, and water consumption and reduction, too. Until now, I use Mead Johnson toiletries. They are chemical free so I don’t get any negative skin reactions. This places them firmly on the list of green companies for 2016.

Nike, Inc.


Never mind if I am a coffee and soda enthusiast. I exercise regularly to balance my sugar and caffeine consumption anyway! And each time I run or do my work out, Nike is the only brand I trust. Before I learned about sustainability and green living, I didn’t care how my shoes were made. All that mattered to me was the brand. For my feet, it always had to be Nike

! But now, I always research about the materials the products are made of. I discovered in the company’s website that Nike developed an innovation in shoes with its. It is a ground-breaking manufacturing scheme that allows the designer to precisely work stitch by stitch for the creation of a formfitting, lightweight and virtually unbroken upper. And while doing so, waste reduction takes place, too.

The materials needed to make the shoes are reduced too. This means a lot of savings in both money and the environment. I feel proud because in each pair of Nike shoes that I buy, I get to contribute to the environment. The company reports that it simply cuts wastes by almost two million pounds.

Aptron Eco-Friendly Notepad with Pen


I love writing! Even though there are computers and other electronic gadgets out there, I still fancy the old-fashioned pen and paper. I’m happy that there are traditional writing materials available today. It feels so good that I get to do my passion and help save Mother Earth at the same time.

If you look at the Aptron Eco-Friendly notepad and pen, you’ll think they are just ordinary. When I got my set from Amazon, I noticed the difference. The paper and cover are soft to touch. The pen is eco-friendly too. What I like about this set is that they are fragrance-free.

There’s no need for me to worry about any allergic reaction. It comes in compact too. Therefore, I can easily slip it inside my bag, big or small. Aptron writing products are all handcrafted and odorless. They are chemical-free too, so anybody can use them. The notepad is made from recycled materials so they are guaranteed eco-friendly. This places Aptron firmly on any list of top 5 green companies.

These are just 5 of the many things I use every day. Since they are my most frequently consumed products, it’s best that I know about their makers. And I’m glad that I can contribute to at least one or two of their environmental initiatives. Now, my mornings are more complete. I wake up excited not just because I get to treat myself with my favorite products. I am able to actively participate in helping save Mother Earth, too!

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