Qualities of a Good CrossFit Trainer | Find a CrossFit Trainer

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Qualities of a Good CrossFit Trainer | Find a CrossFit Trainer


Find a Good CrossFit Trainer

One of the most popular workout regimes in recent years has been CrossFit. It’s a serious workout, for the serious, or not-so-serious athlete. If you want to get in shape quickly, this might be an excellent choice for you. The popularity in large part is due to the community that surround CrossFit.

Once you join a CrossFit Box, you’re like a part of the family and you’ll have a new, supportive community around you that is focused on helping you achieve your athletic goals.

A common question that people have is how to find a good CrossFit trainer. We’ll give you the top 5 things to look for when finding your next CrossFit trainer, and CrossFit gym. Let’s go!

#1: Focus on Relationships

A good CrossFit trainer will check in with you each workout to see how things are going. Is it too difficult for you? Do you understand what’s happening? Are you achieving your goals? This is part of being a good coach-helping your students along the path towards achieving their goals.

#2: Coaches in an Individualized Way

Everybody is on a different fitness journey and good CrossFit trainers account for this. There is no one workout that will work for everyone. Your trainer should have a variety of levels and progressions.

#3: Focus on Fundamentals

Any good CrossFit trainer will help you with the basic moves you need to know to progress in your workouts. Are you doing a squat correctly? What about how you’re climbing a rope? Some of the CrossFit exercises can be pretty dangerous if done incorrectly with a lot of weight, so it is necessary to focus on form. A good CrossFit trainer will help you do this.

#4: Should be in Excellent Shape

You of course don’t want to take piano lessons from someone who can’t play that well, or learn French from someone who can’t speak French. Your CrossFit trainer should be in great shape, so that they can be good role model for you.

#5: Thinks about the Big Picture

When you’re a beginner, it can be overwhelming to have a coach that picks apart every single little thing. A good CrossFit trainer will focus on the big things at the beginning, correcting serious mistakes in form, but not every single thing. The small corrections can come later.

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