Foam Rolling Benefits | Introduction to Foam Rollers

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Foam Rolling Benefits | Introduction to Foam Rollers


Foam rolling has been gaining in popularity in recent years. This is for good reason! It’s a great way to get those kinks and knots out of your body cheaply, quickly, and effectively. Sure, you can get the same thing at a registered massage therapist, but it’ll be significantly more expensive than doing it at home with a foam roller. Let’s talk about the top 5 foam rolling benefits in more detail:

#1: Foam Rollings Helps Relieve Stress

We have busy, stressful lives these days. It’s just a fact! That’s why it’s important to do things that are relaxing, and just make you feel good. Getting a massage is one of those things that people should do on a regular basis, as long as they can afford it. If this is too much of a splurge, give yourself one at home with a foam roller.

Many people find that foam rolling before they go to bed works as a great tool for unwinding, and getting ready to sleep.

#2: Foam Rollers Release Sticky Points

Sports injuries, as well as things like car accidents and workplace injuries scar the muscles and the soft tissue (fascia) surrounding them. This is what causes you pain when you move.

This pain can cause further injury, as your body will be less mobile, flexible and aligned.

When you use a foam roller, you’re increasing and releasing pressure on these scarred areas. This breaks up the sticky points and alleviates the pain you might be feeling, as well as reduce further injuries.

#3: Foam Rolling Reduces Post-Workout Pain

There have been many studies done about foam rolling but a lot of them are quite inconclusive. Since foam rollers are relatively new to the health and fitness world, most of the studies are small, and short-term. However, there is one study which shows a reduction in muscle pain 72 hours after a tough workout when a foam roller is used. There are plenty of anecdotal reports about foam rolling reducing post-workout pain as well.

#4: Foam Rollers are Affordable.

Massages are very expensive-around $100 per one hour session for a registered therapist. This puts them out of range for the average person. However, a foam roller ranges in price from $10-50. The top-quality ones last for years because they are made from extremely dense styrofoam. The top-quality ones can also handle users with heavier weights, without getting crushed or misshaped.

#5: Improves your Posture

The final foam rolling benefit we’ll talk about is improved posture. Many people sit at their desk all day, slumped and hunched. This isn’t good for your body! By using a foam roller, you’re lengthening your muscles, increasing tone in them, and just helping your body to relax after a long day at the office.

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