Fair Trade: Take it from an Aficionado

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Fair Trade: Take it from an Aficionado

Fair Trade: The Products I Love


I’m an advocate of all-natural products from food to toiletries, including the things I use for my monthly period. Thanks to Fair Trade, everything I love and need is here! Everything that Fair Trade offers are pro-human and great for the environment. Along with my advocacy for organics is my environmental consciousness. I am really glad that many companies produces goods that do not harm my surroundings and my health. With fair trade, I can enjoy cups of coffee each day, to match with some mouthwatering cocoa bars without me worrying about the effects caffeine and sugar coming from the two sweet treats.

I don’t have any recipe to share. Neither do I have some tips for the health buffs and environmentalists out there. What I have here are the certified healthy and delicious Fair Trade products. They are offered not just to promote health but improve and protect people and the environment too. Here are my best picks from Fair Trade:


It feels so good realizing that in each cup of Fair Trade coffee I drink, I am able to help farmers escape from poverty! The majority of the small-scale farmers are living in remote places. As a result, they do not have the access to credit, thus, making them exposed middlemen offering cash in exchange for their coffee at a fraction of what it sells for to the consumer. Fair Trade ensures farmers a minimum amount, not to mention linking them directly to the importers, thus generating long-term sustainability.

Check out my favourite fair-trade coffee on Amazon: Equal Exchange Love Buzz Organic Coffee Bean.



It is a sad fact that coca farmers are more often than not obliged to sell their products to the middlemen who give misrepresented prices. More so, there are media reports about child slavery. Because of this, Fair Trade guarantees that farmers get a fair share of their income. They are allowed to invest in strategies as well, that bring out the specialties of their region. Fair Trade strictly prohibits child and slave labor, too!

For some chocolate you can feel good about, check out Divine Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt on Amazon.

Herbs & Spices

I cook and prepare dishes using only the Herbs & Spices from Fair Trade. I am in full support of the  thousands of small-scale farmers who grow the spice and herb crops. It’s a good thing Fair Trade has standards for the said products. With this regulation, the farmers get a fair price that lets them compete fairly in the market!


Tea is my stress reliever!  Whenever I want to feel relaxed, I sip my hot tea and I feel so calm. And when it’s hot and I want something to quench my thirst, I have my tea chilled to beat the heat! I’m guaranteed of the benefits I’m getting from my favorite tea because it is made by skilled workers on farm from all over the world. It feels fulfilling I’m getting my hot or cold drink from a company that helps the workers, particularly the farmers to gain access to capital, get fair prices for the products and freely make decisions. These decisions have something to do with the improvement of the business, the community, and of course, my tea!

My favourite brand of fair trade tea is Choice Organics. Check them out on Amazon.


Fair Trade: Take-it-from-an-Aficionado

I love honey! It’s a perfect match to my hot tea! Here’s one bit of helpful information I’d like to share with you…Fair Trade delivers honey directly from Brazil and Mexico. Fair trade companies delivers my favorite sweet condiment not just as a sweetener for my tea but to make sweet the lives of the beekepers, too!

At my house, we eat this Fair Trade Organic Raw Honey (the link will take you to Amazon).

Nuts & Oilseeds

I have just chosen the right producer of my favorite almonds, cashews and walnuts! Not only that! Fair Trade produces peanuts, sesame and olive oil, too!  Here’s the better news. Fair Trade lets the small farmers sell their nuts and oilseeds directly to the foreign buyers. Given the financial security of fair prices, growers of nuts and olives can concentrate in the traditional farming method which delivers the highest quality products. No wonder my nuts from Fair Trade do not only taste good, but they are of the best quality too!


I cut down on pork or meat dishes recently. For quite some time now, I’ve been a seafood eater. What I like about Fair Trade is that, it creates sustainable livelihoods for the marine communities. In fact, the organization even launched a program as an initiative to bring benefits to the small-scale fishermen, including their community.

Let’s Sum This Up!

If you’re looking to do something good for the world, and yourself as well consider using more fair trade products in your life! They make excellent gifts too for the eco-friendly person in your life. Buy away, guilt-free!

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