The Best Menstrual Cups for 2017 | Compare Menstrual Cups

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The Best Menstrual Cups for 2017 | Compare Menstrual Cups


Why we Love Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cups are all the rage in the world of everything eco-friendly living. We LOVE menstrual cups and other reusable feminine hygiene products, and we hope to convince you of the awesome as well. In case you don’t know what menstrual cups are, we’ll tell you!

They are bell-shaped cylinders that you put into your vaginal canal, under your cervix. They collect menstrual fluid and serve much the same purpose as tampons. The main difference is that menstrual cups are made from silicone or latex rubber and can be reused again, and again, and again.

Here are just a few of the reasons why menstrual cups are amazing and why everyone should be using them:

Great for the Environment

Disposable feminine hygiene products are very wasteful. Think about this. The average person uses one entire box of tampons or pads every single month. This can be even more if you have a particularly heavy flow. All this trash goes to the garbage dump. Pads and plastic tampon applicators are particularly bad because they’re made from plastic and don’t really biodegrade.

Compare this to a menstrual cup. They are made from high quality, medical grade silicone and can last for two years, or far longer with proper cleaning and care. The Keeper, made from Latex can last 10 or more years. One small product can replace countless boxes of tampons or pads.

Great for the Pocketbook

We all know that tampons and pads are expensive! It’s no joke how much we have to pay for disposable feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons. Just say no to getting ripped-off. Get yourself a menstrual cup. Although the top-quality ones cost around $30 USD, you’ll save a ton of money over the medium to long-term. A box of tampons is around $5, so you’ll come out even in about 6 months. After that, it’s all just money in the bank. As we mentioned previously, menstrual cups can last for two years at a minimum, and far, far longer with proper care.

Less HassleĀ 

The average jumbo tampon has a capacity of around 12 ml. The average menstrual cup holds 30 ml while high capacity menstrual cups hold around 40 ml. If you have to change tampons every couple hours on the day of your heaviest flow, you can get at least a few hours with a menstrual cup. Sleeping through the night is maybe possible, especially when paired with something like a reusable cloth pad.

What are the Best Menstrual Cups for 2017?

Let’s talk about the best menstrual cups for 2017. The list largely remains unchanged from 2016. Although there are lots of newcomers to the menstrual cup world each year, we are very reluctant to recommend them. Many of them are very cheaply made in China by not so reputable companies. For something that you’re going to wear in your body for up to a week each month, it should be something made be a great company with strict manufacturing standards. And of course it should be made from top-quality, medical-grade materials.

For the best menstrual cups for 2017, check out this short article: Best Menstrual Cups. You’ll find a mix of prices, sizes, colours and old+new.

Or, you can just head over to Amazon to check out our top pick, the Diva Cup. It’s made in Canada from top-quality materials and it’s the most popular menstrual cup in the world, by far.


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