The Eco-Friendly Woman

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About The Eco-Friendly Woman



Welcome to The Eco-Friendly Woman. Come in and make yourself at home. I’m happy that you’re here. I’m Jackie Bolen, the creator of this site and lover of all things eco-friendly living. I hope to inspire other women to go on this same journey towards sustainability, traveling through this Earth, leaving as light of a footprint as possible.

In a Previous Life…

In my previous life, I lived in South Korea for 10 years, working as a lecturer at universities. South Korea was…intense. Overwhelming. Always busy and chaotic, but never boring.

These Days…

But, in early 2016, I returned to my home country, Canada, where I now live on a farm with goats and nuts and vegetables and other things that make me happy. Peace and quiet, silence. I want to kick the eco-friendly into high gear in 2016-2017 and I hope that you’ll follow along with me. Get a bit of inspiration. Find some awesome in your life.

Some More Awesome for Me

Eating vegan. Canning and preserving. Radical simplicity. Going outside as much as possible. Surfing the waves. Hiking the mountains. No TV. Human-powered transportation. It’s what I’m all about these days.

Contact Jackie Bolen

You can contact me at: [email protected], or check out my website: You can find all my books and other online projects there. If you think there’s something we can work on together, please get in touch. I’m open to a lot of possibilities and love partnering with others, in this sometimes disconnected online world.


p.s. Need a quick win for some eco-friendly awesome? Get yourself a menstrual cup! Pretty much the most amazing thing ever and if you haven’t heard of them, now is the time to check ’em out. I totally regret not finding out about them until the late age of 34.